Seismic surveys are used to better understand and map underground geological formations. Seismic surveys aim to acquire the sound waves that are reflected by the subsurface and detect anomalies in the rock formations. A series of algorithms are used to map these anomalies where hydrocarbon reservoirs could be located. Seismic companies generally conduct the surveys, process the data, and interpret the results that are used by operators.

Coring and Logging

An exploration well is sometimes drilled to analyze the properties of a field before additional development wells are drilled. Coring and logging can be used in exploration wells to achieve this. Cores are cylindrical samples of rock that can be obtained by drilling an exploration well, or from previous drilling in nearby locations. Core analysis provides information about the properties of the rock layers below ground. Logging refers to a set of instruments that are lowered down a wellbore to map information on the rock layers.


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